What is the Mini Excavator Adapter made from?

Made with a 16mm mild steel main adaptor plate, 16mm gussets, fully seam welded, supporting an 8mm hitch plate – along with a 8mm base on the hitch plate itself – for a 16mm thick junction, held in place via 6 high tensile 16mm bolts.

How much effort is required to use the Mini Excavator Adaptor?

The best bit is that this requires no alterations to the standard setup of either your excavator or the adaptor kit, so you’re not going to be swinging spanners if you’re interchanging between our mini excavator adaptor and a traditionally built excavator attachment – It’s simply plug and play! We can also include a mounting plate which can be welded to a trailer to hold the adaptor in place whilst travelling.

How much is the Mini Excavator Adaptor?

The mini excavator adaptor is $1540 (inc. GST) + Freight, which has mild steel pins and cams. Additional items are available via the SHOP link.

Is the Mini Excavator Adaptor Australian Made?

Completely Australian Made, and patent pending, supporting the Australian economy Morph-it Mini Excavator Adaptors are proud to be Australian made, and owned.

Will this work with all excavators?

Yes. We can supply hitch plates to suit the make and model excavator you’ve got between 1.7t-3.5t! In doing so, the bottom half (the main adaptor) remains the same, this means if you’ve got multiple excavators in your fleet but don’t require multiple adaptors you can simply order the top hitch plate to suit. This minimises the amount of attachments you need to carry, via the interchangeable 6 bolt hitch plate system, you only need 1 of the main adaptor plate to suit all excavators. Simply unbolt and bolt on whichever excavator hitch plate you need!

What can I attach using the Mini Excavator Adaptor?

Utilising the Morph-It Mini Excavator Adaptor you can attach a “dingo” style trencher, rotary hoe, stump grinder, cement mixer, auger drive or any other attachment and boom out – e.g. track your way along a slope and rotary hoe/cultivate the soil with ease, safely and efficiently! It’s also extremely versatile in muddy conditions or uneven terrain!

How long does delivery take?

Due to the current economic climate delivery can take up to 8 weeks. We understand time is money so rest assured we will always endeavour to get orders shipped out ASAP.

Do you have a budget option?

We are now offering a no frills adaptor option. It’s the same unit, same functionality, just less glamour. We’ve swapped the stainless steel pins and cams for mild steel pins and cams. We’ve also gone with a more simplistic paint job over the powder coated version to bring you the adaptor plate at a lower price bracket. We understand these adaptors have a job to do and aesthetics isn’t necessarily one of them! But you can still purchase the stainless steel, powder version if you’d like.

What are the delivery costs?

Due to the erratic nature of the freight industry at the moment we request you send us an email or call us to finalise any orders and we will sort out your freight requirements direct with you. This way we can ensure a prompt turnaround.

Please see freight estimates below to assist in your budgeting. These are subject to change and are to commercial address’ in metro areas. All freight is calculated on a per job basis and we will always do our best to provide you the most competitive rate we can.

Freight Estimates:
Melbourne/Adelaide – $120
Sydney – $130
Brisbane – $155
Perth – $175

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