Morph-It Mini
Excavator Adaptor Kit

Morph-It Mini Excavator Adaptor Kit

We provide a mini excavator adaptor plate which enables the use of ‘Dingo’ style mini digger attachments to be used on any excavator rated between 1.7T – 3.5T.

Things like hydraulic post hole digger attachment, chain digger attachment/trench digger attachment, post rammer digger attachment and hole borer attachments that have a mini digger mounting plate – Dingo, Wacker Neuson, Vermeer, Kanga, Toro, McLoughlin, Viking all have the same mounting plate to name a few!

Some of the main excavator brands we’ve created hitch plates for include Kubota, Kobelco, Yanmar, Komatsu, and Wacker Neuson. But we can make one to suit any brand. Some examples include Hitachi, Sunward, JCB, CAT, Hyundai, Takeuchi, Bobcat, + MORE.

Watch videos of our mini excavator adaptor in action.

More Versatile + Less Downtime

In my experience the benefits of this adaptor plate will not only increase versatility but also minimise downtime. For example, due to wet weather where a traditional wheeled skid steer might not have enough traction to perform the duties the adaptor requires to perform correctly.

Feedback received!

We are now offering a no frills adaptor option. It’s the same unit, same functionality, just less glamour.

We’ve swapped the stainless steel pins and cams for mild steel pins and cams. We’ve also gone with a black 2 pac over the powder coated version to bring you the adaptor plate at a lower price bracket. We understand these adaptors have a job to do and aesthetics isn’t necessarily one of them!


More Versatile

You can now use ANY digger attachment, not a specific one for each excavator.

Less Downtime

No alterations to the standard setup at either end. No more swinger spanners – It’s simply plug and play! 

More Efficient

Looking for a more efficient solution was the core reason why we engineered this adaptor.

More Success

This adaptor is designed so that less gets in the way of finishing a job successfully.


Will this work with all excavators?

The main thing to note here is minimising the amount of attachments you need to carry, but via the interchangeable 6 bolt hitch plate system, you only need 1 of the main adaptor plate to suit all excavators. Simply unbolt and bolt on whichever excavator hitch plate you need!

What attachments can I use?

Utilising the Morph-It Mini Excavator Adaptor you can attach a “dingo” style trencher, rotary hoe, stump grinder, cement mixer, auger drive or any other attachment and boom out – e.g. track your way along a spoon drain and cultivate the soil with ease, safely and efficiently!

What material is the adaptor?

As pictured above the complete kit will consist of a hitch plate to suit the style of excavator you’ve got (between 1.7-3.5t), the main adaptor plate (dingo end) 6 x high tensile 16mm bolts with washers and nyloc nuts and hydraulic flush face to ISO A coupling adaptors which are required to adapt the Dingo hydraulic hoses to be utilised with the flush face fittings of the excavator. 

Do I need special training?

The best bit is it requires no alterations to the standard setup of either end so you’re not going to be swinging spanners if your interchanging between our Mini Excavator Adaptor and a traditionally built excavator attachment – It’s simply plug and play! We can also include a mounting plate which can be drilled and bolted to a trailer to hold the adaptor in place whilst travelling. Additional items are available via our SHOP link.

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Mini Excavator Adaptor Kit

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